Tennis Elbow Treatment in South Delhi

Also known as lateral epicondylitis,tennis elbow is not limited to tennis players only.This pain on the outside portion of the elbow can be caused as a result of inflammation due to most commonly muscle overuse or any other reason. Once injured, the area becomes highly sensitive. If treated early, it can be resolved while leaving it may cause more damage as it may develop into tendinosis which causes further breakdown of muscle fibres and at times, surgery may be needed.

The goals of physical therapy are to decrease pain and swelling, increase function and teach the patient a maintenance program to prevent any future problem. Our experts at ActivPhysioHub provide comprehensive tennis elbow treatment in south delhi, Greater Kailash through a series of carefully timed interventions focus on steering your healing process which includes exercising with weight cuffs, therabands and tubes, while applying electrotherapeutic modalities , manaual therapy techniques, myofascial release and varios taping techniques. Our physiotherapy experts help you in learning the adaptive techniques so that you can comfortably perform those daily activities that have become painful.